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Title Category Sponsor Award Deadline
BBB Student of Integrity Scholarship State Better Business Bureau of WI varies 02/14/2019
Cleveland Athletic Club Scholarship Local Cleveland Athletic Club $1000 03/22/2019
Manitowoc County Sheriff's Department Association Scholarship Local Manitowoc Cty Sheriffs Dept Assoc 2- $500 02/28/2019
WI Clinical Lab Science State WI Society for Clinical Lab Science up to $4000 03/31/2019
Comcast Leaders and Achievers Scholarship State Comcast $2500 12/07/2018
Manitowoc County Sheriff's Office/Edward Shimanek Local Manitowoc County Deputy and Sheriffs/Constables Association 2 @ $750 02/28/2019
Trytten Scholarship College Specific UW Stevens Point varies 01/31/2019
Delta Theta Sigma Scholarship College Specific Delta Theta Sigma $500 Academic Scholarship $1000 In House Resident Scholarship 02/15/2019
Ken Kubsch Scholarship Lincoln Scholarships Ken Kubsch $750 03/29/2019
LTC Promise Scholarship College Specific Lakeshore Technical College Will pay tuition, fees and supplies, after federal and state grants and scholarships have been applied 02/01/2019
Burger King Scholars Program National Burger King $1,000 12/15/2018
The Foundation of the WI Auto and Truck Dealer Assoc State WI Auto Truck Dealer Association $3,000 01/15/2019
Engineers Foundation of Wisconsin State Engineers Foundation of WI Engineers Foundation of WI- 2 @ $2000 each WSPE Past Presidents- 1@ $2000 Behling Scholarship- 2@$2000 each Louis C. Geiger Scholarship- 3 @$2000 each Yu-Hwa Terry Ni FREE Program Scholarship- 1 or 2 at $2000 each 12/17/2018
Lakeshore All Sports Hall of Fame Scholarship Local Lakeshore All Sports Hall of Fame $200 12/21/2018
Kohler Credit Union State Kohler Credit Union $10,000 03/09/2019
B. Davis Scholarship National Student Award Search $1000 05/24/2019
America's Farmers National Monsanto/FFA 1,500 02/13/2019
Arne Engebretsen Memorial Scholarship State Wisconsin Math Council $2000 03/01/2019