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Title Category Sponsor Award Deadline
Cleveland Athletic Club Scholarship Local Cleveland Athletic Club $1000 03/22/2019
Manitowoc County Sheriff's Department Association Scholarship Local Manitowoc Cty Sheriffs Dept Assoc 2- $500 02/28/2019
WI Clinical Lab Science State WI Society for Clinical Lab Science up to $4000 03/31/2019
Manitowoc County Sheriff's Office/Edward Shimanek Local Manitowoc County Deputy and Sheriffs/Constables Association 2 @ $750 02/28/2019
Plymouth Trail Riders Local Plymouth Trail Riders $500 05/15/2019
Manitowoc Golden Kiwanis Scholarship Local Kiwanis of Manitowoc $500 04/01/2019
Eck Education Scholarship Local Community Foundation for Fox Valley 2 @ 3000.00 03/01/2019
Majel Pinney-Hendrickson Memorial Music Scholarship Local Community Foundation for Fox Valley 1000.00 03/01/2019
Oliver E. Sweikar Scholarship Local Community Foundation for Fox Valley Technical School: 2000.00 per year for up to 2 years. College: 4000.00 per year up to 4 years. 03/01/2019
Smile Clinic Scholarship Local Smile Clinic 500.00 04/12/2019
Thomas H. Lutsey Waseda Farms Scholarship State Thomas Lutsey 2000.00 04/01/2019
Chamber Ambassadors Scholarship 2 yr College Local Chamber of Manitowoc County 1-$500 04/02/2019
Cellcom Scholarship State Cellcom $750.00 03/15/2019
Manitowoc County Sports Officials Association Scholarship Local Manitowoc Cty Sports Officials 4- $500.00 03/29/2019
Deprey-Skyline Family Information Technology Scholarship State Scholarship Inc. - 04/02/2019
Just Orthodontics Local Just Orthodontics $500.00 04/10/2019
Student View Scholarship Program National Student Insights 1-$4000.00 2-$1000.00 10-$500.00 04/22/2019
WI Towns Association Scholarship Program State WI Towns Assoc. $1,000 05/31/2019
Gertrude Fenner Scholarship Lincoln Scholarships MPSD Board of Education Scholarships $1000 04/05/2019
Kasey Herrmann Memorial Scholarship Lincoln Scholarships Kasey Herrmann Scholarship Varies based on funds available ($500-$1,000) 04/01/2019
Ken Kubsch Scholarship Lincoln Scholarships Ken Kubsch $750 03/29/2019
Manitowoc Sunrise Optimist Club Local Manitowoc Sunrise Optimist Club $750.00 04/05/2019
Wisconsin Cattlemen's and Cattlewomen's Scholarship State WI Cattlemen's Association 8-10 @ $500.00 02/18/2019
Parker Hannifin Scholarship Lincoln Scholarships Parker Hannifin $1000 04/05/2019
MEA Members Only Scholarship Lincoln Scholarships Manitowoc Education Assoc $2000 03/01/2019
MPSD Board of Education -Technical College Scholarships Lincoln Scholarships MPSD Board of Education Scholarships Varies; see below 04/05/2019
Lakeshore Technical College College Specific Lakeshore Technical College varies 03/18/2019
MPSD Board of Education 4 year college scholarships Lincoln Scholarships MPSD Board of Education Scholarships Varies 04/05/2019
Service League Scholarship Local Service League of Manitowoc County Range from $250 to $1,000 03/16/2019
JCI Manitowoc Jaycees Scholarship Local Manitowoc Jaycees 3-$500 scholarships 04/05/2019
United One Credit Union Scholarship Local United One Community Investment Assoc. $1,000 04/16/2019
Manitowoc County Civil War Round Table Local Round Table $500.00 03/30/2019
Carrie Crystal Stuckert Memorial Art Scholarship National The Dream Pool Foundation 2@$2000.00 3@$1000.00 04/26/2019
Ab Nicholas Scholarship Foundation State AB Nicholas Scholarship foundation varies 04/30/2019
ISA Scholarship Local ISA Fox River Valley Section 1-$2500 4-$1500 03/15/2019
Robert O. Kautzer Memorial Scholarship Lincoln Scholarships Kautzer Family $500 04/05/2019
Two Rivers Horseshoe League Scholarship Local Two Rivers Horseshoe League $500.00 04/01/2019
Chamber of Manitowoc County 4 year Application Local Chamber of Manitowoc County 1-$1000 04/02/2019
Sheboygan Area UAW CAP Local Sheboygan Area UAW CAP Council Varies 03/25/2019
WI Restaurant Association Education Foundation National WI Restaurant Assoc. Education Foundation varies 04/01/2019
Manitowoc Education Association Scholarship for Education Majors Local Manitowoc Education Assoc $500 03/01/2019
Robert Zill Scholarship Lincoln Scholarships MPSD Board of Education Scholarships $1500 04/05/2019
The Ships Scholarship In Memory of John Dixon Lincoln Scholarships Mary Beth Dixon $1,000 04/05/2019
Henry F. Kirchoff Jr. Memorial Scholarship Lincoln Scholarships Steve Diedrich $500 04/05/2019
Roberta J. Kirchoff Memorial Scholarship Lincoln Scholarships Steve Diedrich $500 04/05/2019
Kohler Credit Union State Kohler Credit Union $10,000 03/09/2019
B. Davis Scholarship National Student Award Search $1000 05/24/2019
Arne Engebretsen Memorial Scholarship State Wisconsin Math Council $2000 03/01/2019
Kids' Chance of Wisconsin Scholarship State Kids'Chance of Wisconsin Varies, $500-$5,000 05/01/2019
The Color of Hope 10-5-17 Scholarship State The Color of Hope 10-5-17 $500 03/31/2019
Hayden's Batten Disease Foundation Scholarship Local Hayden's Batten Disease Foundation 2-$1,000 04/15/2019
JoAnn Melanson $500 Scholarship Local Ted Melanson Family $500 04/01/2019
Wisconsin Czechs, Inc. State Wisconsin Czechs, Inc. 4-$750 scholarships 03/11/2019
Manitowoc County Farm Bureau Local Manitowoc County Farm Bureau 2-$400 04/01/2019
UAW State UAW Local 833 $500-$1,000 03/25/2019
Manitowoc County Tennis Association Local Manitowoc County Tennis Association $1000.00 04/15/2019
UW GB/Manitowoc Scholarship College Specific UW Green Bay/Manitowoc 8 @ $1000 04/01/2019
Ironwood Plastics Advanced Manufacturing Scholarship Application Local Ironwood Plastics $500 03/30/2019
MPSD Employee Sponsored Scholarship Lincoln Scholarships MPSD Employee Scholarship 4 at $1500 each 04/22/2019